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Diversity in Structural Engineering Scholarship

The NCSEA Diversity in Structural Engineering Scholarship was established by the NCSEA Foundation in 2020 to award funding to students who have been traditionally underrepresented in structural engineering (including but not limited to Black/African Americans, Native/Indigenous Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, and other people of color). Multiple scholarships will be presented annually to junior college students, undergraduate students, and/or graduate students pursuing degrees in structural engineering.


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Congratulations to the 2022 Scholarship Recipients


Meet the Future of Structural Engineering!


After thoroughly reviewing more than 50 applicants from across the country, the NCSEA Foundation awarded six scholarships for 2022.  Four were NCSEA scholarships, and two were the first-ever partner scholarships in this program.  The SEA of Northern California (SEAONC) established an endowed scholarship as part of the NCSEA Foundation program, and the SEA-Metropolitan Washington (SEA-MW) established a named scholarship. Each student received a scholarship award of $3,000. In addition to the scholarship, each recipient is invited to attend the 2022 Structural Engineering Summit as a guest of NCSEA with a travel stipend to the event generously provided by Computers & Structures Inc.


SEA-MW Diversity in Structural Engineering Scholarship

Malik Corum
University of Virginia

Malik Corum is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Structural Engineering at the University of Virginia. Along with a  Ph.D., he is also pursuing a graduate certificate focus in Cyber-Physical Systems. Being a recipient of this award is special because it reinforces his belief that diversity within structural engineering will lead to continued advances and progress within this field. His goal is to continue building his knowledge toolbox so that he may become an asset to the field of structural engineering.




SEAONC Diversity in Structural Engineering Scholarship

Ivett Luna
University of California San Diego

Ivett Luna Moreno is currently pursuing her master’s degree in structural engineering at the University of  California San Diego. Her goal is to make significant contributions to the structural engineering profession and  contribute to the community she came from. Having come from a disadvantaged situation, she recognizes the  need to expose minority youth to future STEM careers as well as support the cultivation of their goals.




Diversity in Structural Engineering Scholarship

Axel Soto 

Virginia Tech

Axel Soto will be an upcoming graduate student at Virginia Tech. He loves to contribute ideas and solutions to a team to solve complex problems. After graduating, he plans to be a licensed structural engineer while also giving his time to his local community.




Diversity in Structural Engineering Scholarship

Kameron Gonzales
University of Utah

Kameron Gonzales is a senior studying civil engineering at the University of Utah. Having grown up on both a  reservation and a large city, Kameron has seen the drastic effects of poor infrastructure on Indigenous communities. As a member of the Shoshone-Paiute Tribes of the Duck Valley Indian Reservation, Kameron hopes to one day use his education to improve the infrastructure of his home reservation and others around the country.




Diversity in Structural Engineering Scholarship

Larissa Lopez
Tennessee Tech University

Larissa is a senior civil engineering student at Tennessee Tech University concentrating in structural engineering. Prior to attending Tennessee Tech, Larissa graduated from East Tennessee State University with a degree in construction engineering technology and served as a project manager at a local construction company. Larissa lives in Middle Tennessee with her husband and their Australian Shepard, Benji.



Diversity in Structural Engineering Scholarship

Ravyn Rapley
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Ravyn Rapley is a rising junior studying civil engineering with a minor in gender, sexuality and women's studies at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Following the completion of her bachelor’s, Ravyn plans to pursue a master's in structural engineering. Ravyn has an interest in the designing and construction of bridges. Ravyn is also an active member of the Black Student Union as well as the ASCE chapter on campus. This past year she was also involved in the Gender and Leadership Opportunity for Women workshop and the Leadership Delta Pearl Mentor program for BI-POC women on campus.



2021 Scholarship Recipients

Aime Nacoulma - Oregon State University 

Jessica Brown - University of Southern California

Jessica Gonzalez - University of Texas at San Antonio

Juan Vera Bedolla - Rowan University



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