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 July 21, 2020  |  Best Practices and Advanced Techniques for Mastering Model Integration

Trevor Bruce, P.E.

During this presentation we'll share tips and tricks we've learned throughout the years helping countless firms master the integration process and eliminate duplicate work between your analytical model and your physical structural model. To truly harness the benefits of integration, users need both the capability to round-trip members, as well as the ability to leverage design information associated with members (the frequently all too fleeting "I" in BIM). We'll touch on critical topics to tackle up-front to ensure smooth integration throughout a project, as well as advanced techniques to further drive efficiency.








Advantages of Cold-Formed Steel Trusses in Commercial Construction
David Boyd

This webinar includes an in-depth overview of the many critical elements and steps that make up a complete truss system, from initial design to final assembly and installation. We will discuss the numerous advantages of cold-formed steel trusses over wood, structural steel and bar joists as well as the necessary steps to successful cold-formed truss installation and truss bracing.

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The Basics of Designing with Pultruded Composites
Stephen Browning, PE & Greg Bond, PE

 Since the invention of pultrusion in the 1950s and the ongoing advancements in pultrusion technology ever since, pultruded composite structural materials have offered engineers numerous new design options vs. traditional materials. In this introductory session, you will learn the basics for designing with pultruded composites, as well as the key differentiators between pultruded composites and traditional structural materials. Stephen Browning, PE, and Greg Bond, PE, will discuss the pultrusion process and how it determines material properties, and then provide a brief overview of the Strongwell Design Manual.

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Innovation and Excellence in Building – Project One

Steve McFall, P.E. & Jesse Karns, S.E.

The industry continues to advance and look for new solutions to age old problems that allow us to provide safe, affordable housing that also can be constructed in a way that meets the demands of today’s building climate. It takes a partnership from all levels of a project’s ownership, professional design and a broad range of contractors and material suppliers to make it work. This session will focus on a high level overview of the San Francisco Bay Area project, referred to as Project One, that is a recent example of how the utilization of offsite advanced structural frame components enabled a 4-story mixed used building to be framed in only 23 working days.

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Being the Engineer of Record on a Metal Building Project

W. Lee Shoemaker, P.E., Ph.D. & Dustin Cole, P.E., S.E.
Metal Building Manufacturers Association

Metal building systems are utilized in many low-rise applications – from shopping centers to airport hangars, from hospitals to schools, from warehouses to factories, from office buildings to medical centers. When a metal building is used, design responsibilities are usually shared between the manufacturer and the registered design professional(s), commonly the engineer of record (EOR). Therefore, a clear understanding of their respective roles, as well as coordination, and communication are crucial for success. This webinar will provide information about the metal building industry, review items related to specifying a metal building, construction inspection, and discuss why the involvement of an EOR is a key component to a project’s success.

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