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Virtual SEA Leadership Retreat

The 2nd Annual Virtual SEA Leadership Retreat featured a customizable schedule of 21 sessions over 3 days and provided SEA Leadership & members the opportunity to connect with local and national representatives.

Thank you so much for participating in this terrific event!

Educational Session Recordings


NCSEA 101: Everything You Want to Know or Ask
Thought Leaders: NCSEA Staff
Topics: Benefits, Opportunities to Engage, Committees

Welcome Address & Year in Review, Leading Your SEA to the Future: Engagement in the New Normal
Thought Leaders: Emily Guglielmo, NCSEA Past President; Mark Engle, Association Management Center
Topics: Successful associations in today’s world, Tips to succeed, How to engage members

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Engaging at the Local Level
Thought Leaders: Ryan Kersting, NCSEA Secretary, and Emily Guglielmo, NCSEA Past President
Topics: Joint Call to Action, NCSEA actions, Opportunities at local level

Revenue Streams: More than Dues
Thought Leader: NCSEA Staff
Topics: Sponsorships, Partnerships, Job boards, Digital ads, Affinity programs, Education

Virtual Networking & Events: Develop, Plan & Execute
Thought Leader: Stephanie Slocum, Engineers Rising LLC

Effectively Managing Your SEA: Large & Small
Thought Leaders: Sherry Budziak and Kevin Ordonez, .orgSource
Topics: Professionals vs. volunteer management, Executive directors, Tools to use for accounting, insurance, taxes, communications, surveys, templates and more.

Membership Engagement – Developing Your Future SEA Leaders
Thought Leaders: NCSEA Staff
Topics: Recruitment, Convert a member to a volunteer, Leadership training

Reaching the Next Generation
Thought Leader: Alex Campbell, Chair, External Communications-Students & Educators Subcommittee
Topics: Student outreach tools, How you can perform outreach, Success stories

Closing, NCSEA’s Upcoming Year, Board of Directors Transition
Thought Leaders: Ed Quesenberry, NCSEA Board President; Communications Committee

Committee Interaction Recordings


Basic Education Committee Interaction Session
Thought Leaders: Scott Francis & Professor Judy Liu - Committee Chairs

Code Advisory Committee Interaction Session 
Thought Leader: Tom DiBlasi - Committee Chair

Continuing Education Committee Interaction Session
Thought Leaders: Carrie Johnson & Mike Tylk - Committee Chairs

Internal Communications Committee Interaction Session
Thought Leaders: Robert Butterfield & Michelle Ryland - Committee Chairs

External Communications Committee Interaction Session
Thought Leader: Angelina Stasulis - Committee Chair

Publications Committee Interaction Session
Thought Leader: Chun Lau - Committee Chair

Resilience Committee Interaction Session
Thought Leader: Kevin Moore - Committee Chair

Structural Licensure Committee Interaction Session
Thought Leaders: Kristin Killgore & Alan Kirkpatrick - Committee Chairs

SEER Structural Engineering Emergency Response Interaction Session 
Thought Leader: David Troxell & Colby Baker - Committee Chairs

SE3 Structural Engineering Engagement and Equity Interaction Session 
Thought Leader: Sabrina Duk - Committee Chair

Sustainable Design Committee Interaction Session 
Thought Leader: Kelly Roberts - Committee Chair

Young Member Group Support Committee Interaction Session
Thought Leader: Eric McElrath - Committee Chair