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Young Member Groups

 Map of Active SEA Young Member Groups


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Active NCSEA Member Organization Young Member Groups

Member Organization

YMG Representative

Alabama SEAoAL Blake Greene
Arizona SEAoA Isha Mehta Mora
     Central Brandon Horton
California SEAOC  
       Northern California Nick Herskedal
       Southern California Maria Mohammed
       San Diego Aaron Taylor
       Central California Matt Quan
Colorado SEAC Katie Courtright
Connecticut CT-SEC John Hurlburt
Florida FSEA  
       Bay Area David Fusco
       North Florida Patrick Mull
       Palm Beaches Youry Demosthenes
Georgia SEAOG Brian Adorno
Hawaii SEAOH James Aoki
Idaho SEAI Erica Iverson
Illinois SEAOI Michelle Ryland
  Mary Lou Kutska 
Massachusetts SEAMass Rob Kane
Washington DC SEA-MW Scott Kinney
Minnesota MNSEA Ricky Kirchner
Michigan SEAMI Eric Simmons
Montana SEAMT Tyler Hessler
New Hampshire SENH Sean Brown
New York SEAoNY Maya Stuhlbarg
  Anthony Piderit
North Carolina SEA of NC Edward Chang
Ohio SEAoO Phil Niekamp
Oklahoma OSEA   
       Central Isabella Horton
       Eastern Sai Krishna
Oregon SEAO Deanna Kuhlman
Pennsylvania SEAoP Melanie Rodbart
       Western Pennsylvania SEAoWP Edward Major II
       Eastern Pennsylvania DVASE Ramtin Saneekhatam
Tennessee TNSEA Dillon Bane
  Cory Scott
Utah SEAU Victor Torres
Virginia SEAVA  
        Central Virginia Region Jackie Miller
        Hampton Roads Region Kaitlin Joyce
Washington SEAW Marcus Freeman
Wyoming SEAWY Jera Schlotthauer

An NCSEA Young Members Group (YMG) provides a community for young or new structural engineers to interact with their peers while also eliminating the gap between schooling and licensed practice.

Discussions initiated without the pressure of the workplace allow the meetings to generate intense thought and contagious conversations in a comfortable atmosphere. The primary goal of a YMG is to produce more confident, competent and capable young engineers in the workforce.

The benefits of a YMG for young structural engineers and the structural industry as a whole are numerous. They include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • A venue for young or new structural engineers to meet, advise, network, and grow together.
  • A productive transition from the university setting to licensed engineer is made possible.
  • Technical confidence and experience are infused among members.
  • Refreshing and interesting discussions and presentations for members in all stages of their careers. either as attendees or volunteer presenters
  • An avenue to get involved with your state Structural Engineering Association as well as the national NCSEA organization.

Click here for a link to the NCSEA Young Member LinkedIn group.  

Student Chapter Outreach Guide

Student Chapter Sample Bylaws





Member Only Documents
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» NCSEA Young Members Group Startup Guide 

» YMG Basic Flyer 

» Open Letter to Engineers + Flyer 

» Sample Open Letter to Engineers 

» Sample Young Member Brochure 

» Sample Young Member Brochure 

» Young Member Group Mentor Sign-up Form

» 2016 Young Member Community Outreach