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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

SE3 has developed a library of resources with regards to engagement and equity within the structural engineering profession. Whether you choose to read, watch, or listen (or all three!), you are invited to join us in this important conversation.



The CNBC Make It team shares a few perspectives from Black community leaders on engaging in thoughtful dialogue about the civil unrest within the US. They provide guidance on how to approach conversations and how to be an ally, and encourage other community leaders to make themselves available as resources to help facilitate meaningful discussions.


Galen Emanuele focuses on internal conversations for organizations trying to tackle racial equity. Emphasis is placed on four key strategies for leadership to approach the topic effectively. Although it may be uncomfortable entering the conversation and setting the right tone, Emanuele reminds the viewer it is more important to start the conversation and listen than to remain silent


Talking about Race at Work with Kwame Christian

“Awkward, emotional, uncomfortable. This is how many of us feel when we try to talk about race. But we need to know how to have these conversations if we’re going to make progress toward a more equitable and high-functioning society." Negotiation expert Kwame Christian gives some starting points on how to talk about race, particularly in a work environment.

In accordance with the Call to Action released earlier this year, NCSEA is working to identify and eradicate behaviors that perpetuate racism and inequality within our profession. In conjunction with its Foundation and the Structural Engineering Engagement & Equity (SE3) Committee, NCSEA has partnered with a strategic diversity and inclusion practitioner to develop a series of webinars that will introduce attendees to diversity, equity, inclusion, and discuss ways to begin developing multicultural organizations via inclusive policies, programs, and practices.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Series: 


Cultural Humility & the “You” in Unity

This session will introduce participants to cultural humility and its role in creating intentionally inclusive environments. Through the exploration of individual perceptions, experiences, and interactions and the needed mindsets to practice cultural humility for an inclusive organization, participants will be primed for deeper dives into topics such as bias and equity. 

 Participant Guide        Slide Handout


Bias Awareness and Socialization

Using the Harvard Implicit Association Test, this session will introduce participants to biases, how they are developed through socialization, and the role of internalized oppression in authoring identities. Through an exploration of the Cycle of Liberation, participants will consider steps towards intergroup coalition building to address systemic inequity. 

 Participant Guide        Slide Handout


How Do We Progress Towards Racial Equity in the Structural Engineering Community?

This panel discussion discusses how we can improve the STEM and specifically the structural engineering pipeline, as well as share successful diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategies and common roadblocks in the engineering and architecture professions, through a conversation with experts.