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Welcome to Read. Watch. Listen: a monthly forum hosted by the NCSEA SE3 Committee to share and promote conversations on diversity, equity and inclusion within the structural engineering profession. Each month, the committee curates a series of articles, audio-visual and digital media to facilitate self-education in matters that affect our professional practice as structural engineers. Whether you choose to read, watch, or listen (or all three!), we hope you will join us in this important conversation.









In this installment of the 1619 Project, created by The New York Times Magazine to spotlight the consequences of slavery, and contributions of Black Americans in our nation’s history, Kevin M. Kruse demonstrates the historical preference for interstates to be built through “blighted” communities while also discussing the challenges of linking modern cities.


Leaders Can't Shy Away from Sensitive Topics, Even When It's Awkward 
by Bill Boulding, Dean of Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. 


Guides for Equitable Practice by AIA - Introduction and Segment 1: Intercultural Competence
These guides provide a resource for firms to achieve a professional work environment, build intercultural competency, improve awareness, and to develop and retain employees. Each chapter includes best practices, relevant research, and tools to help address a variety of employment and personnel issues.  


Institutional Interventions to Prevent Implicit Bias from Undermining Organizational Diversity
This brief synopsis seeks to shed light on examples of structural inequities and how implicit bias undermines policies and practices.  


More Evidence That Company Diversity Leads To Better Profits
This article summarizes multiple studies into business profitability based on diversity representation within corporate management structures. 


ACE Mentor Program Introduces Students to Architecture and Related Fields - Architectural Record
This article gives a quick history of ACE and describes their free afterschool program that introduces high school students to the Architecture, Construction, and Engineering industry. 


The End of Culture Fit
Written for Forbes by Lars Schmidt, the article explores the steps several major companies have taken to expand their hiring beyond “culture fit” in favor of “culture add”. While culture fit is “fraught with bias”, culture add reflects the desire of these companies “to ensure all voices, opinions, views, upbringings, etc. are reflected by their staff makeup.”


ASCE Celebrates Black History Month - Notable Black Engineers in History
Compiled by the Oregon Section of ASCE, this article provides brief biographies of eight African American engineers who had an impact on the civil engineering industry.  

Famous Black Engineers Throughout History
Read more about the historical engineers highlighted by ASCE, as well as some more recent Black engineers, in this article compiled by How Stuff Works. 

QUIZ: Celebrating African American Engineers and Inventors
With this quiz from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, test your knowledge of African American engineers and inventors! Review your results to learn more about these inspiring individuals.


How Highways Wrecked American Cities
This video clip from Vox illustrates how interstate highways were engineered to run through the heart of major cities. It also emphasizes how wealthy white neighborhoods were able to keep the interstates out of their neighborhoods through racial politics disguised as “urban renewal”.

An Introduction to Topics of Racism in Society
This presentation explores how biases are learned and reinforced through life experiences. It encourages individuals and firms to take action, challenge the acceptance of racist norms, and create measurable change. 


What Does My Headscarf Mean to You?
Yassmin Abdel-Magied, a mechanical engineer, writer, and activist, challenges people to look beyond their initial impressions as she demonstrates real examples of implicit bias. 


Why Diversity and Inclusion in the AEC Industry is Necessary - How to Achieve it
This Autodesk University webinar covers term definitions (e.g. what are microaggressions?), benefits of diverse design perspectives, and a how-to on building employee resource groups among other topics. 


Latinas in STEM | Los Angeles, CA
In this video, the founders of Latinas in STEM discuss their mission and vision for the organization, while student participants reflect on a program offered by the group. 


Hire For Cultural Fit or Add?
Adam Grant is a professor of psychology at Wharton, and author of the book Originals: How Nonconformists Move the World. Here, he discusses how hiring for cultural fit can be detrimental to a company’s long-term growth.


State Lauds Black Soldiers’ Work on WWII Highway
This video from the Associated Press describes the tremendous civil engineering feat performed by Black soldiers during World War II. Segregated from the rest of the military, these men constructed 1,500 miles of the ALCAN Highway over 8 months while enduring harsh conditions, working without proper tools, and without recognition until the recent celebration on the 75th anniversary of the highway’s completion.


This episode of the Donna Rehm Show is a discussion on the unanticipated consequences of the US highway system which was intentionally built to separate and segregate the population. The second half of the discussion includes a call-in segment with audience members that demonstrates these issues are still prevalent today.


Checking the Pulse of the Illinois Construction & Engineering Industry Diversity and Cultural Competency
This recording, part of a monthly series from SEAOI, explores diversity from various perspectives. Panelists reviewed the current state of the profession and considered the work needed for improvement.  


Engineering a Culture of Inclusion Part 4: Unconscious Bias
In this conversation, Kim Parker Brown, P.E., discusses her own experiences with implicit and explicit bias and how she handles it while on the job. 


Creating Spaces for Diversity in the AEC Community with Alicia Washington
In this episode of the Build Better podcast, Alicia Washington shares her story as a person of color navigating the industry and discusses the business benefits of diversity and offers insight on how to improve policies within your company that promote inclusion. 


Interview with Engineer Julius Hudson of NSBE - The Engineering Career Coach Podcast
In this episode of The Engineering Career Coach Podcast, Julius Hudson discusses the importance of support systems for engineering students and professionals, and touches on the history and mission of NSBE.  


We Were Wrong About Culture Fit, We Should Be Hiring for Values Fit
Bretton Putter, author and CEO of CultureGene, discusses the downsides to screening for cultural fit when hiring. This episode of the Culture Ops Podcast focuses on the benefits of screening for values fit to improve company culture by reducing bias and increasing your ability to adapt to changes.


Inside the Minds of America’s Greatest Black Inventors - The Takeaway
In this episode of The Takeaway, Keith Holmes & Sandra Morgan discuss the contributions and struggles of Black engineers and inventors during the early 20th century. Holmes is the author of Black Inventors: Crafting of 200 Years of Success. Morgan shares insight into the personality and perseverance of her grandfather, Garrett A. Morgan-investor of the 3-way traffic signal and holder of several patents.