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STEM & Outreach

Member Discounts Available

NCSEA has partnered with Mola to offer the Mola Structural Model kits to our membership at a reduced rate. Click here to login to the Member Portal and find the "Discounts" tab to access this benefit.



Other STEM Resources

These resources have not been created by NCSEA, but can be utilized in conjunction with other presentations and activities.


Activities's Ultimate STEM Resource Guide for Kids

DISCOVERe Activities

PBS Kids - Design Squad

Hands-on Activity: Spaghetti Bridges

Hands-on Activity: Balsa Towers



Imagine A Better World
An artistic approach to telling the story of structural engineering through the ages.

Science Spotlight: What is Structural Engineering?



NCSEA has developed these outreach resources and STEM activities to promote the structural engineering profession to students and educators, as well as to encourage the development of students interested in pursuing a career in a STEM-related field.

NCSEA Developed Activities 

These activities can be done by anyone and we encourage you to share them with your friends and neighbors, local after school programs, and SEA Outreach Committees. 

NEW!  Popsicle Catapult  (PreK to Kindergarten)
NEW!  Skewer Structures  (1st to 4th)
NEW!  Play Dough Ice Cream  (4th to 5th)
[Concrete Mix Design for Kids!]


NCSEA Developed Resources

The following documents have been developed for outreach purposes. Anyone is welcome to use these documents and presentations to share the profession to students in or out of the classroom.

Informational Materials

A Day in the Life of an SE

Become a Structural Engineer Brochure

What is Structural Engineering Video 

Instructional/Outreach Materials

"What is Structural Engineering?" Presentation Template
  Related materials: Tacoma Narrows Video
This presentation can be used to cover the basics of structural engineering, and includes subjects to study, famous structure examples, and reasons to become a Structural Engineer.

NCSEA High School Outreach Start-Up Guide

This guide can be used to aid your creation of an impactful outreach program to be implemented at local high schools.

Sample High School Outreach Presentation

This presentation contains high level information that can be used to instruct high school students that may or may not be interested in Structural Engineering.


NCSEA/SEI "Make Your Mark" Posters

These posters can be printed to be distributed or displayed in a classroom.