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Call for Structural Engineering Podcast Guests

NCSEA is excited to partner with ‘The Structural Engineering Channel’ (TSEC), a podcast published by the Engineering Management Institute, that helps structural engineering professionals stay up-to-date on technical trends, industry issues, tools and resources, and opportunities for advocacy.

We are currently looking for future podcast topics and NCSEA member guests to be featured on upcoming podcasts. Interested guests will receive step-by-step guidance from enthusiastic TSEC Co-Hosts Mat and Alexis through pre-call interviews, conducted questions, script-writing, and editing.   

Examples of topics we are interested in for upcoming episodes include, but are not limited to:

  • Natural hazards (seismic, tsunamis, and tornados)
  • Code updates
  • Diversity, inclusion, and equity in the industry
  • Impacts of COVID-19 on life as an SE
  • Resources recently developed by NCSEA
  • Iconic projects to inspire the public about structural engineering
  • Inspiring the next generation of structural engineers
  • Sustainability and embodied carbon in structural engineering
  • What’s it like being a 1st/2nd responder?
  • Structural specialists – e.g. seismic retrofits, performance-based design, base isolation, blast engineering, BIM, coastal structures, etc.
  • Alternative careers in structural engineering – e.g. software engineering, plan checker, government work, research & development, contractor, etc.
  • Upcoming structural technologies & construction – 3D printed buildings, artificial intelligence, modular construction, CLT/mass timber, etc.
  • The future of structural engineering –future impacts of technology, software, market trends, work from home, sustainability, resilience, BIM, etc. on the profession

Past NCSEA guests have included:

To learn more about TSEC and to listen to past podcast episodes, visit: Also, be sure to subscribe to the podcast channel by following the link and share with members and colleagues.

For questions and interested individuals, please reach out to the NCSEA External Communications Committee:  

Jera E. Likely, P.E., S.E.,  |  Angelina Stasulis, P.E., S.E.,