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Leadership Week is composed of two distinct events:

  • June 4-5: NCSEA Leadership Collaboration for NCSEA Board and NCSEA Committee Leadership
  • June 5-6: SEA Leadership Retreat where NCSEA Board, NCSEA Committee Leadership, and SEA Leadership Collaborate and Learn

*NCSEA will be responsible for all attendee hotel reservations. Hotel-provided shuttle service to and from O’Hare Airport will be available to all attendees.

Thank you to our sponsors!

Leadership Week Schedule of Events

Please look below to find the schedule of each day for the two events during Leadership Week.

SEA Leaders’ Reimbursement Information

All complimentary SEA representatives will receive the following from NCSEA:

  • Up to a $500 travel stipend*
  • 1 hotel night **

The number of complimentary attendees per SEA is based on the SEA’s most recently reported membership count.

1–300 members 1 complimentary attendee
301–600 members 2 complimentary attendees
601–900 members3 complimentary attendees
901–1200 members  4 complimentary attendees
> 1201 members 5 complimentary attendees

Note:  Additional SEA representatives are welcome and encouraged to attend! A registration fee of $300/person for all non-complimentary individuals will provide them with one hotel night, food, and event content. Additional registrants are responsible for their own travel.  

*Reimbursement for complimentary attendees will be for airfare and ground transportation to/from the attendee’s departure airport. If driving, mileage at 67¢ per mile, and any tolls will be reimbursed. Expenses above $500 are the responsibility of the individual, the individual’s company, or their SEA. Please click here for the expense reimbursement form.

**Complimentary attendees from the following states may request an additional hotel night (2 hotel nights), if needed: Alaska, Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming.  This additional night will be for June 4 and only for those unable to travel the morning of June 5 and/or arrive by noon CST on the 5th, originating from the Pacific and Mountain time zones. 

Requests for ANY exceptions are required to be made to NCSEA before May 1, 2024. 

Curious if you are eligible to attend?  

Please contact our Director of Membership & SEA Outreach, Leo Baran.