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The NCSEA AI Team participated in the Building Innovation 2024 Conference, organized by the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS). The event took place in Washington, D.C., on May 22-24 and brought together a wide array of professionals, including government agencies, contractors, private sector representatives, architects, and scientists, all focused on improving the built environment.

As a member of the NCSEA AI Team, Emre Toprak (Arup, Washington, D.C.) presented at the conference’s Brains & Bytes Workshop led by Kimon Onuma, who is part of the NCSEA AI Advisory Board. Toprak presented an overview of the NCSEA Foundation’s vision on artificial intelligence and outlining the AI Team’s objectives for the year. Toprak also shared an example case study on how machine learning can be leveraged in structural engineering tasks, highlighting the potential of AI to transform our industry.

Building Innovation 2024 covered three key topics — digital innovation, resilience, and sustainability — along with the diverse workforce supporting these initiatives. The expert-led sessions provided valuable insights and fostered meaningful discussions on advancing our built environment.

The AI Team looks forward to continuing our involvement in such impactful events and contributing to the ongoing dialogue on the future of structural engineering.

Emre Toprak, left, is interviewed by Michael Bordenaro, Executive Director at Asset Leadership Network and co-organizer of the workshop session, following the conclusion of the workshop at the NIBS conference.