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Today, the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA) released results from its survey of structural engineers, who closely collaborate with building developers and architects, about their biggest concerns for communities and the built environment. Topping the list of concerns was the speed of construction projects (42 percent of respondents) followed closely by deferment of important structural improvements and repairs (41 percent of respondents).

“The increased pace of design and construction can pose challenges to detailed coordination and project quality, but it also opens up new opportunities,” says Andrew Podojil, P.E., S.E., Associate at Veitas Engineers. “Involving structural engineers early and expanding contracted scope allows deeper collaboration; better risk management; and, ultimately, elevates project outcomes. Also, discussing concerns with your engineer will better serve the needs of the building owner and future occupants, leading to improved overall quality and reduced construction costs.”

Structural engineers are dedicated to ensuring the stability and safety of buildings and bridges in communities all over the world. Factors such as site location, environmental conditions, building material characteristics, and load demands all influence the structural design and are considered from concept through completion of every project they are involved in.

After construction speed and lack of important improvements and repairs, survey respondents (37 percent) indicated that aging infrastructure was also a major area of concern.

“Investing in the rehabilitation and retrofit of existing buildings and infrastructure may not be the easiest sell to decision makers, but these are necessary investments for the safety and resilience of our communities,” says Ed Quesenberry, S.E., Founding Principal of Equilibrium Engineers LLC and NCSEA Past President. “Structural engineers have the knowledge and tools to make these critical improvements as economically feasible as possible.”

About the Survey

In April, NCSEA asked structural engineers to indicate the top three aspects of concern to them in the built environment. Data show results from 107 respondents.

NCSEA, in partnership with its member organizations, supports practicing structural engineers to be highly qualified professionals and successful leaders. Its We SEE Above and Beyond campaign illustrates how structural engineers create safe, vibrant, and resilient communities and provides valuable resources for architects and building owners.