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Bringing Low-Carbon Concrete Forward

Throughout the construction industry, there is a movement toward sustainability that is affecting what and

Reclaiming the Role of Structural Engineer as a From Finder

In the realm of 3D form creation, the engineer, architect and sculptor each wield their

Birmingham’s Sloss Furnaces

The story of the Sloss Furnace Company is more than a story about a historic

Know Your HSS Welds

Insights into elevating weld designs to achieve successful hollow structural section connections. Hollow structural section

Engineering a Better Work-Life Fit

A business case for flexibility in the workplace. Over the last few years, the landscape

Code Compliance for Cold-Formed Structural Steel Systems

Where safety, performance, and innovation meet. Evaluating products is critical to ensuring safety and performance

ChatGPT in Structural Engineering

How can structural engineers leverage Conversational AI benefits while managing its risks? Structural engineers spend