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NCSEA Summit

Be Part of the 2024 Structural Engineering Summit. Register Today!

The premier event for structural engineers is coming to Las Vegas on November 5–8, 2024.


Free Webinar Series to Spotlight Inspiring Structural Engineers

The NCSEA Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the “Structural Engineer Spotlight Series: Something From Nothing,” a webinar series created by esteemed filmmaker Dilip Khatri.

New AI Roadmap

AI in the Structural Engineering Profession

The NCSEA Foundation Artificial Intelligence (AI) Grant Team and AI Advisory Board met recently to envision the transformative impact of AI in structural engineering. A resulting AI roadmap outlines initiatives to overcome adoption barriers, foster innovation, and define organizational roles in integrating AI, shaping the future of the profession.


NCSEA Celebrates 30 Years

Celebrate with us as we recognize 30 years of your accomplishments and the steady advancement of the profession.

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Professional Development

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Deepen your knowledge with cutting-edge continuing education programs led by industry experts. Gain insights into the latest trends, technologies, and best practices.

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Education Webinar

ASCE 7-22 Changes to Flood Loads and Load Factors including New Requirements for Changing Conditions

ASCE 7-22 Changes to Flood Loads and Load Factors including New Requirements for Changing Conditions This webinar will cover the changes made to formulas used for calculating flood loads; it will cover important changes to load factors used in load combinations, and will define new requirements for the inclusion of sea level rise in the determination of the design flood depth.

Education Webinar

2024 IBC Significant Structural Changes – Part 1: Structural Design Loads (Chapter 16)

This webinar reviews and analyzes selected significant structural changes from the 2021 to the 2024 edition of the International Building Code (IBC). The webinar assists structural engineers in identifying the specific code changes that have occurred and understanding the reasoning behind the changes. Part 1 focuses on IBC Chapter 16 on structural design loads. Changes to risk categories, live loads and all environmental loads will be discussed.


NCSEA’s committees strive to enhance the standard of practice in structural engineering.

NCSEA Committees Join a Committee

The NCSEA AI Team participated in the Building Innovation 2024 Conference, organized by the National Institute of

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