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Launch your structural engineering career with help from the NCSEA Young Member Group (YMG).

Connect, collaborate, and thrive. As a new or aspiring structural engineer, the YMG provides a unique platform to: 

  • Network with peers and mentors: Build valuable connections with like-minded individuals at various stages of their careers. Gain insights and guidance from experienced professionals, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment. 
  • Navigate the professional transition: Bridge the gap between academic theory and practical application. The YMG offers resources, workshops, and discussions tailored to equip you with the knowledge and confidence you need to excel in the real world. 
  • Develop technical expertise: Engage in stimulating discussions, presentations, and workshops led by experienced SE professionals. Sharpen your skills, broaden your knowledge base, and stay abreast of the latest advancements in structural engineering. 
  • Contribute to the industry: Actively participate in shaping the future of structural engineering. Get involved in YMG initiatives, collaborate on projects, and make a meaningful impact alongside your peers. 
  • Become a future leader: Foster your professional growth and leadership potential within the YMG and the broader NCSEA community. Gain valuable experience, expand your network, and position yourself for success in the industry. 

Join a YMG and embark on a rewarding journey within the structural engineering field.  

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