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Under the direction of the NCSEA SEER Committee, this nationwide initiative focuses on the prevention of unsafe re-occupancy of buildings after disasters by training and certifying damage assessment professionals. The initiative focuses on principles such as volunteer training, roster management, assistance coordination, and advocacy for certified professionals. SEER provides a comprehensive solution with a roster system, enabling local, state, and federal agencies to access qualified volunteers for post-disaster assessments.

Disaster Response Alliance: Second Responder Database

The International Code Council and NCSEA have joined forces to create the Disaster Response Alliance (DRA) to help communities get up and running as quickly as possible after a major disaster. The DRA maintains a single, national database of skilled volunteers willing to assist with response and recovery activities. These activities include post-disaster safety assessments, rapid safety assessments, detailed safety assessments, other building damage assessments, inspections, and other code-related functions in the aftermath of a disaster. The DRA’s national database of volunteers is available to local and state jurisdictions as well as federal government agencies for pre- and post-disaster assistance. 

California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) Safety Assessment Program (SAP)

The California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) Safety Assessment Program (SAP), presented by NCSEA, is one of only two post-disaster assessment programs that will be compliant with the requirements of the forthcoming Federal Resource Typing Standards for engineer emergency responders.

Our next SAP Training will take place in Fall 2024. Check back this summer for new dates!

International Code Council (ICC) Disaster Response Inspector (DRI)

The International Code Council (ICC) When Disaster Strikes Institute, hosted by NCSEA, is the second post-disaster assessment program that will be compliant with the requirements of the forthcoming Federal Resource Typing Standards for engineer emergency responders.

Also based on ATC-20/45 methodologies and documentation, the DRI training course provides engineers, architects, and code-enforcement professionals with the basic skills required to perform safety assessments of structures following disasters.

Licensed design professionals, certified building officials, and code professionals will be eligible for DRI certificates of competency and credentialing following completion of this program, submission of required documentation, and passing of a basic skills exam.

Structural Engineers Emergency Response Plan

Disaster Assessment Professionals – Qualifications Matrix

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