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NCSEA Service Award

This award is presented to an individual who has worked for the betterment of NCSEA to a degree that is beyond the norm of volunteerism. It is given to someone who has made a clear and indisputable contribution to the organization and therefore to the profession.

1999 W. Gene Corley & Ronald F. Nelson
2000 James T. Slider
2001 Norm Scheel
2002 Fred Cowen
2004 Craig Cartwright
2006 Stephanie Young
2007 Ronald Hamburger
2008 Jon Schmidt
2009 Timothy Mays
2010 Edwin T. Huston
2011 Marc S. Barter
2012 Emile Troup & Mike Tylk
2013 Greg Schindler
2014 Susan Jorgensen
2015 Craig Barnes
2016 Carrie Johnson
2017 James O. Malley
2018 Barry Arnold
2019 Ben Nelson
2020 Brian Dekker
2021 Tom DiBlasi
2022 Emily Guglielmo
2023Thomas Grogan, Jr.

Robert Cornforth Award

This award is presented to an individual for exceptional dedication and exemplary service to a Member organization and to the profession.

2001 Emile Troup
2003 Benjamin Baer & Marc Barter
2004 Mike Tylk
2005 Craig Barnes
2009 David Bonneville
2010 William Holmes & Robert B. Johnson
2011 Edwin T. Huston & William L. Lavicka
2012 Ronald Milmed
2014 Dustin Cole
2015 Carl Josephson
2016 Robert Paullus, Jr.
2017 Theodore E. Smith
2018 Ryan Kersting
2019 Tom DiBlasi
2020 Jerry Maly
2021 Robert Durfee
2022 Chun C. Lau
2023Thomas Grogan, Jr.

The Susan M. Frey NCSEA Educator Award

The Susan M. Frey NCSEA Educator Award is presented to an individual who has a genuine interest in, and extraordinary talent for, effective instruction for practicing structural engineers.  The award was established to honor the memory of Sue Frey, one of NCSEA’s finest educators.

2013 Susan M. Frey
2014 Timothy Mays
2015 Emily Guglielmo
2017 Edwin T. Huston
2018 Ronald Hamburger
2019 S.K. Ghosh
2020 Duane K. Miller
2021 Michelle Kam-Biron
2023Terry Malone

James Delahay Award

This award is presented at the recommendation of the NCSEA Code Advisory Committee, to recognize outstanding individual contributions towards the development of building codes and standards. It is given in the spirit of its namesake, a person who made a long and lasting contribution to the code development process.

2004 James Rongoe
2005 John Hooper 
2006 Ronald Hamburger
2007 David Bonneville
2008 Michael Valley
2009 Larry Griffis & Edwin Huston
2010 Robert Bachman 
2011 James R. Harris
2012 James Robinson
2013 Alan G. Steinle
2014 James R. Cagley & James O. Malley
2015 Don Scott
2016 David Bonowitz
2017 Michael O’Rourke
2018 Jonathan Siu
2019 Kelly Cobeen
2020 Kevin Moore
2021 Ramon Gilsanz
2022 Gwenyth Searer
2023Thomas DiBlasi


Susan Ann “Susie” Jorgensen Presidential Leadership Award

This new award was created to honor the late NCSEA Board President and advocate for the profession, Susan Ann “Susie” Jorgensen, who passed away in November 2020. This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional leadership potential through their activities within NCSEA and/or their SEA (even if they did not serve in a formal leadership role). The award is to be bestowed on candidates who embody Susie’s passion, vision, and legacy of leadership, and it is intended to celebrate increased participation of emerging leaders and encourage recipients to engage (or continue to engage) in formal leadership..

2022 Michelle Ryland & Samantha E. Brummell
2023Marcus Freeman