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The SEA Grant Program was developed to assist Structural Engineers Associations (SEAs) in growing their Associations and promoting the structural engineering field through innovative initiatives.

The 2024 application period has not opened yet.

Grant Details

Any SEA or member(s) of an SEA are eligible to submit a grant application. Applications must be submitted to the local SEA leadership, reviewed and approved, and then forwarded (via this application) to NCSEA for consideration.A grant request may be submitted for any program that is consistent with NCSEA’s mission. Please note: Requests will not be accepted for political contributions or for the reimbursement of lobbying expenses.

Evaluation Process

A subcommittee of the NCSEA Foundation Board of Directors (Treasurer, Directors, and the Executive Director) will serve as the evaluation committee for the grant applications. Once the winning grants are selected by the subcommittee, they must be reviewed and approved by the NCSEA Foundation Board of Directors.

In addition to the above information, several key factors will be evaluated with every grant application:
  • How will the grant request advance the practice of structural engineering or strengthen your SEA?
  • Is the grant request for SEA operations funding (such as website updates, AMS improvements or a new computer)? If yes, the grant application must detail how the project is unique (and not just typical operational expense) and how the SEA will communicate successes back to all other SEAs to ensure knowledge transfer.
  • Are there matching funds from the local SEA, or is the grant request serving as the primary funding source for a project?

2023 Award Recipients

View previous award recipients to learn about the types of projects the NCSEA Foundation funds.

Structural Engineers Association of Colorado (SEAC)

Colorado Special Wind Region Wind Study

SEAC plans to commission a state-wide Colorado wind climate study with the following objectives: (1) to establish meaningful and accurate boundaries for the Colorado SWR for incorporation into ASCE 7, (2) to determine reliability-based design wind speeds, utilizing the most current data and methodologies, spanning the entire Colorado SWR, and (3) to determine what winter windiness parameter(s) should be utilized for snow drifting design within the Colorado SWR using the provisions of ASCE 7-22 and later.

Structural Engineers Association of Illinois (SEAOI)

Professional Networking and Headshots Event

SEAOI will host a gathering that aims to provide group networking opportunities and offer attendees the chance to have professional headshots taken. The idea originated from a discussion within the SEAOI WiSE group, highlighting the difficulty many face in accessing professional headshots. While the headshots and networking event will be free, recipients are requested to create a post or video promoting SEAOI and/or NCSEA events on their LinkedIn or other social media, which will also be shared on SEAOI’s social channels.

Structural Engineers Association of Kentucky (SEAoK)

SEAoK Young Members Group (YMG)

SEAoKwill launch a YMG in the state of Kentucky, with the goal of cultivating future SEAoK and NCSEA leadership, broadening membership, doing college outreach, primary school outreach, study sessions for PE/SE exams, and for a community of other structural engineers to socialize and engage with.

Structural Engineers Association of Kansas & Missouri (SEAKM)

SEAKM Young Members Group (YMG)

SEAKM is establishing a YMG under SEAKM Kansas City Chapter to attract more young engineers to join SEAKM. To do this, they plan to host events targeted at a younger audience than the typical SEAKM monthly meetings to encourage broader engagement. Once established, the goals of the YMG would include helping young engineers enhance their knowledge and skills, acquire licenses, advance their careers, foster future leadership within SEAKM, and promote structural engineering in general.

Structural Engineers Association – Metropolitan Washington (SEA-MW)

SEA-MW SE3 Growth Guidance Mentorship Program

The SEA-MW SE3 Growth Guidance Mentorship program will connect entry-level engineers with experienced mid-level and seasoned professionals. It will foster open dialogue, clarify career goals, address obstacles, and promote personal growth, all while discussing the unique challenges of the structural engineering profession. Additionally, it will aim to provide a platform for current and future leaders to share practical insights and enhance their leadership skills.

Structural Engineers Association of Northern California (SEAONC)

Definition of Special Wind Regions in California

SEAONC will attempt to delineate the boundaries of the Special Wind Regions in California, as well as the appropriate Basic Wind Speeds within these Special Wind Regions. Once SEAONC completes the wind studies, the results will be communicated to the various jurisdictions and the engineering community in California via webinars and white papers. Their plan is to submit the studies, the associated white papers, and proposed changes to ASCE 7 in time to see the changes adopted in ASCE 7-28, and in time be adopted into the 2030 International Building Code.

Structural Engineers Association of New Mexico (SEANM)

SEANM Young Members Group (YMG) – Seminars

SEANM YMG will establish a series of specialized seminars tailored to the young members, held periodically throughout the year. These seminars will explore unconventional subject matter, such as addressing burnout and mental health challenges within the industry, imparting financial literacy skills, and enhancing time management capabilities. In addition to these contemporary topics, the aim is to provide insights into more conventional subjects such as Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) practices and common oversights made by newer engineers.

Structural Engineers Association of New York (SEAoNY)

SEAoNY Diversity Committee Capacity-Building Program & Learning and Development Series

The SEAoNY Diversity Committee is collaborating with Shani Dellimore Barrax of the Aurora Change Agency to address declining participation across committees by revitalizing the community through a needs assessment and three proposed programs. A Self-Identification Campaign initiated with an anonymous survey, aims to collect demographic data from SEAoNY members. The obtained demographic information will guide future programming to encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion within SEAoNY and its member firms.

Structural Engineers Association of Ohio (SEAoO)

Embodied Carbon Calculation and SE 2050 Workshops

SEAoO will host a half-day workshop in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland to outline sustainable design practices to local firms, educate them on SE 2050, and guide them through the process of joining SE 2050.

Structural Engineers Association of Oregon (SEAO)

Structural Engineering Engagement and Equity

SEAO will host a two-part event. Part one is to provide the less experienced structural engineer the opportunity to network with their more knowledgeable counterparts in senior leadership roles. Part two is a guided panel discussion featuring three to five individuals in senior leadership positions. The panelists will be selected in consideration of their work credentials and background diversity to provide an eclectic knowledge base to draw from. During the guided discussion portion, the panelists will be asked questions sourced from a community survey presented in the local SEA newsletter.