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The Code Advisory Committee (CAC) advances NCSEA’s commitment to technical excellence by exerting a positive influence on the development and application of relevant codes and standards on behalf of practicing structural engineers. 

The Committee, which operates using subcommittees that are structured to reflect the process and responsibilities of the organizations that develop the model building code and other applicable structural standards, realizes this purpose through the following initiatives:   

  • Supporting participation by NCSEA committees and Structural Engineers Associations in the development of codes and standards 
  • Identifying and empowering individuals to represent the interests of NCSEA, Structural Engineers Associations, and practicing structural engineers within code and standard development bodies 
  • Educating structural engineers about the proper application of codes and standards and informing them of any changes 
  • Monitoring and participating in the model Building Code and structural standards development process 

Committee Chair

Code Advisory Committee Region Map

Code Advisory Committee – Subcommittees

Existing Buildings 
Julie Furr
Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.
Region 4
General Requirements 
John Grenier 
Grenier Engineering, Inc. 
Region 1 
Seismic Provisions 
Seth Thomas 
KPFF Consulting Engineers 
Region 1 
Special Inspection / Quality Assurance 
Emily Dunham 
Region 4 
Wind Engineering 
John O’Brien 
PES Structural Engineers 
Region 4  

Participate in the ICC Code Change Process

The NCSEA Code Advisory Committee invites your active participation in shaping the upcoming changes to the International Building Code (IBC) and International Existing Building Code (IEBC) for the 2024–2026 ICC Code Development Cycle. Share your insights and suggestions!